Dedicated staff



Ryan  Horchen

 Ryan has had  several years in the classic car and restoration industry.  Building custom cars and restoring classics for clients all over the World. Special builds for Shelby American, Building and Maintaining collections for clients such as King Mohammed VI of Morocco, and partnership projects with Hendrick Motorsports.  

General Manager


Dustin Horchen 

Dustin has had and extensive career in shop management and production. From Auto body and repair to large scale repair shops for the railroad industry.  Dustin has an outstanding ability to keep projects on target and work hand in hand with the crew, vendors and suppliers to over come any unrealistic deadline Ryan promises to meet . 

Body Shop Senior Tech


Todd Blochberger

" The Block" has been with H&H for years and has been involved with body, paint and finish on several of the high end builds over the years.  He has extensive knowledge of what it takes to finish a competition level car.  He has been known to tell the younger guys if it's wrong Dustin and Ryan will see it from the parking lot before they get here, so don't Fx-k up.   

Parts Restoration Tech


Matt Butler 

Matt joined the H&H crew 4 years ago.  He has a keen eye for detail and also very is mechanically minded.  He also has years of straightening, correcting and polishing stainless steel trim.  His talents are essential to our high quality restorations.  

Upholstery Designer


Head Of Security



Don't let her fool you she's just waiting to pounce and tear off a limb for a snack.