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H&H Performance is a high end restoration facitlity located in west central Pennsylvania.   H&H is dedicated to producing only the highest quality restorations and treating our customers with the respect and service they would expect and deserve.  H&H is owned and operated by Ryan and Wendy Horchen. H&H was developed from the passion for classic cars and the drive to restore classic cars from a monumental time in history that will never be replicated.  The time period in  which these cars were created is an all American story of pride and competitive spirt to build the best style and  the most horsepower among the big three, it needs to be preserved in every example from the period.   H&H has long made it's name in the industry working on and restoring Ford Brand Cars.  H&H has had the privilege to work with Shelby American on special Shelby restorations and new heritage projects.  H&H has had the honor to be recognized by the AACA for early FORD restorations.   H&H has always had a specific interest in the 1965-1967 Mustang K-code HIPO cars.  H&H also was privileged enough to spend several months over the period of three years building and maintaining the very rare American Muscle car collection for King Mohammed VI of Morocco.  Working within several of the palaces throughout the country.  H&H's dedication to quality and uncompromising attitude has been the driving force to bring the best clients in the world to the door time and time again.  All of the success H&H has had over the years also comes from great partnerships like Dyancorn Industries, Dakota Digital and NAPA Auto Parts to mention a few.  To see more of our partners you can visit the partners page.   

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